Basic Computer knowledge- No Word experience needed

Course Overview

After taking this course, you will be able to create, format and edit basic documents, and do basic functions like printing and spell checking. Instruction will be personalized by version.

Word Basic Topics

  1. Introduction to Microsoft office applications
  2. Explore the user interface
  3. What is word? (family)
  4. Backstage view / office button (2007)
  5. Ribbon overview
  6. Mini toolbar
  7. Status bar
  8. Shortcut key tips
  9. Contextual tabs
  10. Create, open and save documents
  11. What is word? (function)
  12. How to create your first word document?
  13. Create a new blank document
  14. Create a document from a template
  15. Open word files
  16. Getting help
  17. Save documents
  18. Add, select, navigate and delete text
  19. Viewing documents in different ways
  20. Format text and paragraphs
  21. Use the home ribbon to format font and paragraphs
  22. Format with the mini-toolbar
  23. Font and paragraph dialog boxes
  24. Use the format painter
  25. Use the quick style gallery
  26. Use basic bullets and numbering
  27. Add borders and shading
  28. Using cut, copy, paste
  29. Use the office clipboard
  30. Set tabs and use the ruler
  31. Undo/redo
  32. Find, replace and go to
  33. Check spelling and grammar
  34. Proofing, thesaurus and translate
  35. Navigate a long document (part 2)
  36. Printing and viewing your document
  37. Use the page set-up group and dialog box
  38. Print preview and print options (2007)
  39. Customize
  40. Customize the quick access toolbar
  41. Show/hide the ribbon
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