To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following course (or have equivalent knowledge): Word Basic Level.

Course Overview

Students will learn how to use advanced formatting tools, research tools, use graphics, create tables, charts, headers and footers, use the research tools and do a mail merge. Instruction will be personalized by version.

Word Intermediate Topics

  1. Explore the user interface
  2. Working with styles
  3. Create a style from text
  4. Use the styles pane
  5. Modify and delete styles
  6. Use the style inspector
  7. Use reveal formatting
  8. Manage styles
  9. Use and modify themes
  10. Create a template
  11. Modify a template
  12. Attach a template to a document
  13. Bullets and numbering
  14. Custom bullets and numbering
  15. Create a multi-level list
  16. Restart or continue numbering
  17. Advanced page formatting
  18. Use columns
  19. Insert page breaks, column breaks, section breaks and line breaks
  20. Set break options
  21. Add quick parts and use building blocks
  22. Create a blank page and a cover page
  23. Add page colours, watermarks, borders and horizontal lines
  24. Add headers and footers
  25. Add hyperlinks
  26. Edit/ Remove hyperlinks
  27. Use hyphenation and word count
  28. Use research, language and translation tools
  29. Use and customize autocorrect
  30. Insert the date and time
  31. Insert symbols and special characters
  32. Use the mail merge wizard
  33. Use the mailings ribbon
  34. Create envelopes and labels
  35. Email a document
  36. Working with graphics
  37. Add pictures and clipart
  38. Format and modify images
  39. Add and format word art
  40. Add and format AutoShapes
  41. Add and format text boxes
  42. Align, distribute, group and order graphics
  43. Add and format SmartArt
  44. Insert a table
  45. Table selection options
  46. Format a table
  47. Modify table structure
  48. Draw a table
  49. Use table options dialog boxes
  50. Convert text to table
  51. Sort a table
  52. Use and insert equations
  53. Insert a chart
  54. Format a chart
  55. Modify chart options
  56. Embed and link excel tables and charts
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